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The property has been built in the 80´with best materials in the market. It has a productive trajectory of more than 30 years and it is express in a prosperous and homely

Rawson Department, San Juan Province, Argentina

It has a total surface of 28.558 m2

With a surface of land of more than 28.000 m2, the wine factory was mentioned in the 90´as “the most technified wine factory in the country”. In a short time and with a small investment, the investor will be abe to be in the avant-garde in the elaboration of wine in large quantities or with varietals of a high enologic quality.

Its excellent location and its big extension of land allows with a bigger inversion the elaboration of concentrated grape juice, as well as for the installation of a plant to fraction the wines into common wines and high-end wines.

It counts with all the authorizations required for functioning:

  • Municipal Authorization

  • Inscription and permit of National Grape Culture (INV)

  • Fire Fighters

  • Environment

  • Planning Design Final Certificate


Wines in bulk are sold to different divider-packers, among them:


  • RPB



And sulfited concentrated grape juices to different concentrated exporters, as:


  • ENAV




Constructions: All edifications have been built in the ´80 with the best materials and anti-seismic design. UBICATION The property is developed over a connector with great relevance (National Route N°40), what gets a direct connection with the rest of the province and an exit to other provinces.


Swimming pool with individual toilettes and more than 15000 m2 of parked green spaces.


Building with 3 plants and an under soil.

Internal water tank of 30.000 litres

Productive capacity of 4.945.000 litres.

Three houses of around 100 m2 covered each one.

Italian milling machinery.


Cold Equipment.

Electric Generator powered with natural gas.

Principal Buildings it has:



  • A wine factory fully equipped (a three floors building plus under soil and tanks).

  • A 300 m2 warehouse space for storing.Industrial scale to weight trucks.

  • Two wells of water pressurized with a pump.

  • It has an effluent chamber for disposals.

  • Alleys and graveled parking space.

  • Stage Boxes of reinforced concrete grilling.

  • Perimeter wall with an electronic entry phone.

  • LATORRE Scale for trucks with electronic head

  • A Fridge-freezer group CLIMAVENETA brand of 150.000 l/per hour for cooling of wine during elaboration.

  • Apart of having available all electricity, it has an electric generator PALMERO brand, it works with the net of natural gas and it allows to lower costs during elaboration.

  • Mobile refrigerator for well water, with a cooling coil.

  • Fix refrigerator for well water, with a cooling coil.

  • Three Italian hydraulic presses brand Sernagiotto plus another more external for tanks.

  • A separator for concentrated grape juice

  • Two wineries with its motors and augers and functioning perfectly.

  • Two grinders

  • Several pumps, centrifugal and with a pumps piston

  • Two big drainers and a medium third one

  • Stalk ejector

  • Earth Filter for wine

  • It has an elevator for a better transit of personnel and machinery

  • A wide concrete crush pad, as it was lately required by INV


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