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The property is in Rute 33, Km. 52,  El Infiernillo,  Capayán Department, Catamarca Province .


Total area of the field is 6.319 has. from them, 619 have olives planted, 36 has. of fig trees and the rest is dedicated to cattle.


The harvest is made manually in all table variety. In case of the oily variety the plantation is being conducted in order to be able to make the harvest by machine. In this campaign, almost the 40% of oily olives was harvested with the harvester Colossus, own by the firm, with promising results. On next season it is expected to amplify the percent of mechanical harvest.

Currently, the olive plantation has 619 has. planted. The general framework of the plantation is 8 x 5 in all the field. Currently, there are 40 has of Coratina planted with a frame of 8 x 4.  The main varieties are Picual, Arbequina and Coratina, in that order; so,  the project is absolutely oily.

The better rentability of table olives and output conditions for oily olives caused that the composition of the variety for the project was changed  and redirected to a more flexible escheme.


This project is developed in an area of 3819 Has of hills prepared with a sod cutter and seeded with Buffel Grass Texas variety. There are 440, 400 Has. of natural hill woithout the use of a sod cutter, 50 has of prickly pears and 240 has of irrigated grass. The irrigation system is by a Central Pivot. The field counts with two Pivots Valley of 610 mt long that irrigates 120 has. each one.


They cover 36 has. From them, 30 correspond to the Turca variety and the rest to early fig varieties and a varietal garden.

The framework of the plantation is 6 x 4 and the charasteristic of the irrigation system are similar to the olive ones, except this one employs a well of 200 m3/h.

The production is destined mostly to the production to pure vinegar and figs balsamic vinegar. The commercialization is still on its promotion phase it is expected it enters to the internal market this year.


The field counts with an own oil press of 2500 m², wich is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery in order to extract oil, with a process capacity of 100 tons of fruit per day.

It counts with a lab equipped to control the quality of the oil and the raw material (olives). The winery has a capacity to 420 tons of oil and it has an automatized washing system, and also a central control panel in order to maneuver the decanting by the piping. Everything is mounted in stainless steel.

The filtering system is in plaques. It also counts with polish filters for fractioning, it is used in a fractioning semi authomatic line.


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