ProJect 012 

San Juan

Alluvial Gold Project with 1300 Ha. llocated in Huachi Mountain Range.

ProJect 022

San Juan

Opportunity for Explorers: Greenfield Mining Property, with studies that certify the existence of Leader, Zinc and Silver. 

ProJect 057

San Juan

Ulexite Deposits (which totalizes 1800 Ha) located in Antofagasta de la Sierra Department, Catamarca Province. They are near Salar del Hombre Muerto.​

ProJect 072


Diatom Deposits in Pasto Ventura, Catamarca Province. They have a surface of 1572 ha. They have an important content of siliceous minerals. Also, there were observed in some areas the presence of colloidal materials.

ProJect 077

San Juan

Important plant dedicated to process and production of concentrated of Au, Ag and Cu. In function and ready to produce. The process and concentration is performed in three stages: gravimetric centrifugal, concentration table and flotation in a column. Three month of use. Made in China in year 2016. 

ProJect 089


It counts with a oil metallurgic carbon extraction plant to be used in activities related with fusion and metal carburization  and/or oil extraction industry , lime and concrete, among others. It also has 140 m2 of offices in CABA, a land of 3 ha, near to Gral Rodriguez Industrial Park . Both counts with all services  

ProJect 158


Property of near 300.000 m2 over the Route 7, paved, approximately 6 km before reaching Añelo going from Neuquén City.

ProJect 015 


Greenfield Mining Deposit with 1400 Ha. located in Salar de Tres Quebradas, Tinogasta Department

ProJect 047

San Luis

Mineral deposits (Beryl, Tantalum, Rare-Earths and Spodumene). Quartz and Feldspar which cover the exploitation expenses). Located in San Martin and Villa Praga, San Luis Province. Minerals are sold in China.

ProJect 068


1800 ha placed in Laguna de Mucar, Susques Department, Jujuy Province, near Salar de Oraroz. There are 2 mining properties, one of 600 ha and other of 1200 ha.

ProJect 073



Gold Mine of 12 hectares with some studies performed and an important estimation of resources inferred

ProJect 083


The project covers a Salt Flat of 25x15 km that holds a salt lake with a big amount of Lithium and sandy sediments with a great permeability and a low level of impurity. It has a 6.000 Ha surfece.


ProJect 104

Rio Negro


Important Fracking firm in activity in Río Negro Province. 180 ha. Sale of stone grinding and aggregate products. At 100 km (62 miles) from Vaca Muerta.

ProJect 018 

San Juan

Mining Deposit with a surface of 250 km2 to explore. It counts with important studies that indicates the presence of of Gold, Silver, Lead and Zink, among other metals.

ProJect 054


Ulexite Deposits (which totalizes 1800 Ha) located in Antofagasta de la Sierra Department, Catamarca Province. They are near Salar del Hombre Muerto.​

ProJect 069


Mining property with Lithium, Greenfield state with 3496 hectares in Antofagasta de la Sierra zone, Catamarca Province. It counts with an approved Environmental study.

ProJect 079


Salt lake of 5498 Has, rich in Li and K. Some studies of surface has been performed.

ProJect 084


Mining properties are locate in Catamarca Province at South of Rio Grande Salt Flat, They have a surface of 8.450,94 ha, and almost all surface is covered by alluvial deposits and a small cover of evaportite.

ProJect 125


Important plant of hydrated lime in Cordoba Province. It counts with an extension of 21 hectares. 


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