As pioneers in discovering new markets; we have the vision to show the world our country’s production capacity.


Argentine is gaining influence again in International Trade; therefore, we work to add value to the Mining Sector, Agro Industries and Port.


The Foreign Trade Division expands the boundaries of traditional real estate management.


An Open Door to the World

As our philosophy is to anticipate the future and we know that Argentina has great geological potential since there is a 75% mining areas that remain unexplored; in the short-term, we envision that the development of lithium deposits in the North of the country will become a major producer of this mineral that has a major global demand.


Due to its proactive approach, Adrian Mercado has been the real estate company with the fastest growing and the biggest projection of the last years. Our proposal landed on the real estate market only five ago, but behind this challenge there is a career of more than thirty years in the auction industry; where it managed to position itself as the number one in Argentina. We also have an integrated system ISO 9001: 2015 in all divisions of the company; therefore we are ready for this new experience.


We also know that there are certain products that only have a market crossing borders. For that reason we have the backing of our partner in Canada, Inter Mining Solution, who works online with us in all the mining projects that are already in the portfolio.



Foreign Trade Division is a proactive business unit capable of generating business opportunities from the location of real estate.


  • This proposal is aimed at domestic and international companies wishing to settle their industries or in need to relocate conveniently in accordance with its own activity guidelines and with a prepared commercial strategy respecting the legal and environmental provisions.


  • We offer investment opportunities in real estate and strategic mineral resources.


  • We offer advice to assess land considering the pace set by the market and considering all those positive and negative aspects of a property, knowing the useful principles of ASTM Standard 1527

  • We are aware of the drawing power Adrian Mercado has, due to the fact that we work with mass media communication in order to connect buyers, sellers and investors both locally and internationally; a factor that effectively ensures the success of the operation.



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